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Scillian still waters viewed from Waif and Stray
Scillian still waters viewed from Waif and Stray

Weezy, Waif and Stray

Welcome to our Vessels Page.

Here you can read up on all the details of all of our exploration fleet and enjoy pictures and videos of us aboard them.

We have a total of three vessels. All are made of different materials, from different decades, and for different purposes.

Stray at Sunrise
Stray at Sunrise

Stray - Our Flagship

Stray is an unusual craft. She is from an era when ferrocement boats were all the rage. Yes! She is made from cement!!!!

Built in 1986 by Jay Benford, she was kitted out as a blue-water sailer and she carries a Bermudan Cutter Rig. This means that she has one mast with a triangular mainsail, and two foresails.

At 36 years-old, she is the second oldest of our fleet.

We have spent a whole year refitting her inside and out, at a rough cost of around £5,000. She is about ready to return to the oceans as "The Land Rover of the Seas".

Cpn Kelly has lived aboard her for four years at anchor or on a mooring in Falmouth, Cornwall.

Tech Spec

Vessel Type:  Colin Archer 

Re-Designer:  Jay Benford

Model:  Norsk 35

Year constructed:  1986

Berths: 5

No. of engines: 1

Engine model:  MP 458

Engine hours:  100

Fuel type:  Diesel

Drive type:  Shaft drive

Rig:  Bermudan Cutter

Sails:  Main, 100% Jib x2, 80% Staysail, 50% Staysail, Storm Jib, Ghoster

Length over all:  10.70m (35ft)

Length at waterline:  9.14m (30ft)

Beam:  3.53m (11ft 9inch)

Maximum draft:  1.80m (6ft)

Hull material:  Ferro Cement

Hull colour:  Red

Keel type:  Full Keel

Displacement:  10,541kg (23,240lbs)

Fuel capacity:  114ltr (25gals)

Water capacity:  682ltr (150gals)

A VERY rare boat indeed!
A VERY rare boat indeed!

Waif - Our Exploration Dinghy

Bought in 2020 from her original owner in Flushing, she was ready for a complete clean-up after 62 years. She had been very well looked after, and never stored outside. Her trailer was rusted through and her sails were rotten.

Cpn Kelly spent a whole winter and over £1,000 to return her to her original glory. Sporting all-but-new sails, she is now a very proud dinghy, actually racing in the 2020 Falmouth Classics.

An excerpt from the Booklet
An excerpt from the Booklet "The Story of Caricraft"

She was built in 1960 by the Tees Boat and Yacht Company, Stockton and the model is called the Caricraft. It may well be the very first composite boat on record. Despite years of searching, it would appear that she is the last one left in the world!

In 1950s it seems to have retailed at a tidy sum of £34 6s. Fibreglass was in its infancy at this time, and little was known of its strength and durability.

Designed to be light enough to put on the roof of your car. The roof rack could be purchased for an additional £4 15s. She has a very shallow draught with a lifting dagger board in the sailing version. This makes her ideal for exploring up narrow creeks and rivers, as well as around the coast. Because she is so light, she can be easily rowed when the wind fails, so there is no need to take a motor.

With her Gunter Rig, main, foresail and spinnaker, she is a nimble and fun boat to sail. But you have to be careful, as she has no natural buoyancy if you capsize!

Tech Spec

Vessel Type:  Composite Dinghy 

Make:  Caricraft

Model:  Sailing Dinghy

Year constructed:  1960

Seats: 3 + dog

No. of engines: 0

Fuel type:  Man Power

Drive type:  11ft Wooden Oars

Rig:  Gunter Sloop

Sails:  Gunter Mainsail, 100% Jib, Spinnaker

Length over all:  m (11ft)

Length at waterline:  m (11ft 9in)

Beam:  m (6ft)

Maximum draft:  m (9in)

Hull material:  Fibreglass Hull, Marine Ply Sides

Hull colour:  Teal on White

Keel type:  Dagger Board

Displacement:  400kg (lbs)

A weenie boat for 2+dog
A weenie boat for 2+dog

Weezy - The Tender

Our latest vessel to join the fleet is a brand new 2-man inflatable dinghy.

Designed to be the lightest of things, she is perfect for nipping to the marina or for landing on rocky shores.

Her nimbleness is her strength, as well as her 4 air chambers. But, she is not for rough water nor strong wind, and seats just one!

Tech Spec

Vessel Type:  Inflatable Dinghy 

Make:  Viamare

Model:  250T

Year constructed:  2020

Seats: 1+1+dog

No. of engines: 0

Fuel type:  Man-power

Drive type:  Aluminium Oars

Length over all:  m (6ft)

Length at waterline:  m (5ft 6in)

Beam:  3m (4ft)

Maximum draft:  (4in)

Hull material:  Vinyl

Hull colour:  Grey

Keel type:  Inflatable

Displacement:  60kg (lbs)