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Where Team toobs is right now!

Welcome Crew!

This is where you go to enter the LIVE treasure and expedition map of Team toobs.

At least every half an hour, every day, we shall beam our position to the Iridium satellites and onto our Treasure Map. This will update our precise position on land or sea. There will also be some Treasure of Adventures found on this map where we have had a special experience or event. See if you can find all our treasure as we progress around the world.

Access to the Treasure Map is usually reserved for those of you who have joined our support crew through Patreon. But for the first month you can access it freely by using the password "toobs". By subscribing to as little as £1 a week, you become a real member of the Team toobs Crew and receive unique benefits and rewards for your service and commitment. This small commitment helps us pay for things such as satellite subscription, internet coverage and maybe the odd Rum!

We thank you for committing to helping us bring you some amazing adventures. From sailing across oceans, to exploring up rivers, climbing up mountains, and even pirating some ships. (See Pirating page) YOU will be able to follow us WHEREVER we go!

If you have joined our patron crew above the rating of Deck Hand, then you also have the advantage of receiving personal live texts to your phone from wherever Team toobs is exploring, as well as many amazing and unique rewards. Check out this link or go to

Click on the button below to visit our live Treasure Map and see exactly where we are, and any treasures we leave behind. You will need the password of "toobs".

Have fun!

A Treasure Map of Adventures
A Treasure Map of Adventures