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This is where you will find all the latest info and links to our latest adventure, as we literally "seize the day"!

Due to continued ill-health of our team leader - Cpn Kelly (Wayne), the team have decided to shed the mooring from our home and vessel "Stray" and sail off into the distance in search of more adventure and fun, and to challenge the idea that poor health restricts your life. Yes, it affects it, but we hope to show that with determination, a strong heart, support from friends, family and followers, we can still seek exciting and challenging ventures on land and sea.

We are sailing off in our 38 year-old, ferro cement, Burmudan cutter "Stray" with our 50 year-old sailing dinghy "Waif" strapped to the bow. We hope to get everything ready as quick as possible in order to try to beat the storms of autumn, which will make the crossing of the Bay of Biscay more perilous and difficult.

Come join us on our social media pages as we battle to ready the 30 year-old yacht before the autumn storms roll in.

Everything is in the development stage, so please be patient. Plus, Wayne is still battling his health issues while taking on this huge adventure.

Those of you who decide to join the Team toobs Crew via Patreon will receive a password that will enable access to our satellite position and Treasures of Adventures.

Click these links to our latest adventures, or the video below:-