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Team toobs


Our Pirating Career

The Pirate Flag of Cpn Kelly - Three Dog Skulls with their Tongues in the Air
The Pirate Flag of Cpn Kelly - Three Dog Skulls with their Tongues in the Air

Our history so far...

Team toobs' Captain Kelly (aka Wayne Booth) is descended from such a pirating legend as George Booth. Everyone has heard of Black Beard, but that pirate only took over The Pelican after Cpn George Booth was killed on a land skirmish in Madagascar.

200 years have passed, but Cpn Kelly still has the pirating in his blood. When he founded and ran the "Powder Monkeys" nautical youth group aboard his ship Silver Quest, he attacked six different ships of varying size over the years, ranging from the classic Cornish Lugger "Barnabas" to the Norwegian Vikingship "Gaia".

The Powder Monkeys, dressed as pirates and sporting beards and tattoos, launched onto these vessels and took control ready to steal the most valuable thing aboard. Yes! As every sailor knows, the most valuable thing aboard any ship is the toilet roll. So, having taken our booty, we allowed the vessels to go on their way and we returned to celebrate aboard our pirate ship.

We hope to re-enact some of these daring raids live across the world, for you all to enjoy and take part in.

Our Treasure Map (found by following our link from our dedicated page) includes the locations of every ship we attacked, including those times where we failed.

So, come and join the only crew roaming the seas and pirating online.

Here are the historic attacks Cpn Kelly has led so far with links to the actual vessels online:-

  • 102ft Swedish Ketch "Zebu" - Whitehaven Harbour - 2 Monkeys + 10 Armed Re-enactment crew - Taken over, Rubber Chicken Rescued 
  • 25ft Sloop - St. Mary's Sound, The Isles of Scilly - 6 Monkeys + 2 Crew vs 3 Crew - Taken Over, Booty Removed
  • 40ft Cornish Lugger "Barnabas" - Off Looe Island, Cornwall - 2 Monkeys + 2 Crew vs 6 Crew - Taken Over, Booty Removed
  • 38ft Leisure Yacht - Falmouth Harbour - 2 Monkeys + 2 Crew vs 4 Crew - Taken over, Booty Removed
  • 77ft Viking Longboat "Gaia" - Brest, France - 2 Crew vs 2 Monkeys + 8 crew - Taken prisoners, but later took vessel after three days captive - Booty Removed
  • 63ft Cornish Lugger "Grayhound" - Looe Harbour, Cornwall - 2 Monkeys + 2 Crew vs 8 Monkeys + 6 Crew - Beaten off by cannon fire, Grayhound suffered many leeks on deck