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Team toobs


The Adventures of Team toobs


A big welcome to you from Team toobs! 

We are a team of adventurous folk and world-famous dog who hold world records, have amazing adventures, and love to entertain any of our followers.

Our latest adventure "Seas The Day" is to sail our 38 year-old Bermudan cutter yacht, (carrying her 50 year-old sailing dinghy,) across the seven seas. We hope to bring you amazing stories of nautical adventures as well as expeditions on foot and cycle in search of amazing music, food, flora and fauna, as well as to further Cpn Kelly's piratical career. 

"toobs" is an adventurous Border Collie who seems to find herself in all sorts of adventures and scrapes. (Her name is spelled with a little 't' because it is more streamlined.) She became part of a Bikejör racing team at the age of 7 and has gone on to become champion in racing, running, swimming and general adventuring. 

Join our tK (toobular Kid) page for fun, games, and competitions. 

We have a "Friend of toobs" page for photos of all you toobular fans who have met toobs and had your photo taken with her. 

Discover the history of how Team toobs began and how toobs sprang to fame when we accidentally became the South West Bikejör Champions and went on to race for Great Britain against 2,000 dogs. 

Read how toobs was lost overboard, swam 2 1/2 miles ashore and went on to become the first dog to swim the English Channel. 

Loads of other fun and adventurous information can be found here about the team toobs members. 

Or you can go to our Youtube, Instagram or Patreon Channels to discover the adventures and help steer where and what we do next.