Underdogs - Team toobs

Underdogs - Team toobs


Why toobs is doing it...?

toobs being very bendy
toobs being very bendy

The toobs Challenge

 We plan to raise £1,000 to go directly to the doggy charities we support. (See below)

During the Covid-19 troubles, a lot of charities have suffered dearly. Our two doggy charities work to rescue, nurture and rehome some of Britain's worst treated dogs. These abused dogs are quite often the hardest to resettle (and some never can be) and they need a lot of time, support and very special new homes.

If you sponsor toobs to swim just 10p a mile. That means we raise £2 from you to help these doggy charities. (£1 each charity)

But, we hope that you will understand the true effort required for a dog to swim even one mile in our cold seas, and hope that you will sponsor her as much as you can spare in these difficult times - knowing that every penny will go to help the dogs we all love, and to those poor dogs who are hard to love.

Remember, for toobs to complete this epic feat, she has to swim for over a month

Lucky toobs

toobs is truly a lucky dog! Not only in her adventures and mis-adventures, but also in her beginnings and her home life. 

She has never been mis-treated, or gone hungry, or been beaten, or left forgotten and neglected. toobs has been looked after and loved by the most friendly of pirates for her whole life. 

Not all dogs are so lucky. That is why toobs is helping raise money to go to help those less fortunate than her. She wants to use her position as famous adventure dog to bring awareness and raise much-needed funds to go to two wonderful doggy charities:-

  The Last Chance Hotel is based in Cornwall and works hard to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abused and neglected dogs and other animals. 

They aren't like other rescues; they take in the animals that are on their 'last chance:' the ex-bait and ​ex-fight dogs, the sick, the aged and the terminally ill.

They aim to rehome as many animals as possible, but some are just too damaged to leave their sanctuary, and they go to them for peace and love before they die, after a life of neglect and abuse. 

No animal is ever destroyed because they cannot be homed.  

  Pupcakes Rescue is a unique, non-profit organisation that predominantly offers rescue spaces and support to owners and rescues alike by taking on and safely rehoming dogs with severe behavioural issues and bite histories.