Underdogs - Team toobs

Underdogs - Team toobs


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25 May 2021
The Quayside Inn bar mural
The Quayside Inn bar mural

toobs immortalised in popular Falmouth pub bar

The wonderful crew at the Quayside Inn, Falmouth have been busy improving their lovely alehouse and eatery during lockdown with some wonderful art throughout their pub, including homages to local characters, and this huge fresco depicting the adventures of Team toobs. 

Manager "Day" and other artists in their team, have collaborated to create stunning artwork to grab your attention. 

This one shows toobs standing on the Quay, diving off the steps and swimming in the sea, as I struggle to keep up in the dinghy! 

Day says that they heard of the adventure and decided to immortalise toobs' efforts in this characterful rendition. The detail is great, capturing the rough seas, toobs' floppy lugs, and even her life jacket! 

So, go see this epic piece of art and partake in the best pub grub in town! 

And tell us what you think of the artwork in the comments box below. 

11 Feb 2021
11 Feb 2021
Stray takes a battering
Stray takes a battering

Trapped aboard a ship in a storm...

Cpn Kelly and toobs were trapped aboard SV Stray as she was tossed about against her mooring chain in a huge Easterly severe storm.

They battle against 50 knot gusts to secure the decks, check the mooring and safety line and just keep standing as 6 foot waves throw the 10 tonne vessel around like a cork.

Her bow was crashing below the waves one second, then 8 feet above them the next.

Watch our exciting video on Team toobs' Youtube Channel, and get a taste for life aboard a floating home.

Sadly, the mooring failed to hold her and for the second time in two years SV Stray dragged her mooring towards another vessel. Last time it resulted in damage to two yachts and a wrecked dinghy. This time Cpn Kelly spotted the failure before they collided and was forced to call the Coastguard (as the Harbour Master was again unreachable). The Harbour Master team were summoned by the CG and SV Stray was moved to a more secure mooring.

So, {Click Here) to watch the amazing video of how we nearly lost our boat, again! (And, again, not our fault!) or click on the huge video screen above this post!

25 Dec 2020

She Did It!

Yes! toobs is, indeed, the first dog ever to swim the recorded distance across The English Channel!

Greeted by Their Worshipful Mayor and Mayoress of Falmouth and well-wishers braving the squally winds and rain, toobs completed her final leg of her epic 45-day swim of 20 miles.


would like to thank all those supporters who contributed to her efforts by sponsoring her swim and helping all those dogs less fortunate than her, and all the 'toobular Kids' who took part in competitions, fun and games on the tK Page.

Team toobs

Wishes Ye All


Great 2021!

The moment she finally landed ashore!
23 Dec 2020

It is Official!

  The Worshipful Mayor of Falmouth Steve Eva will be honouring toobs with his attendance in recognition and support of her venture.

Meeting at The Prince of Wales Pier, Falmouth tomorrow (Christmas Eve) for the arrival @14:00 hrs of toobs on her last leg of the swim.

Come and join us for an epic canine occasion and have your picture taken with The Mayor of Falmouth.


22 Dec 2020
Day 43
Day 43

Day 43 - 99% there!

Yes! She has almost made it!

To keep with COVID-19 restrictions placed on us from France, we are not allowed to land in their country.

So, on Christmas Eve at 2pm, toobs will swim her last leg into Falmouth, Cornwall, England to arrive at The Prince of Wales Pier at Steps No.4.

Come and applaud her, then have your historic photograph taken with her, (in what may be your last chance of fresh air for a while,) from the roomy, airy and socially distancing Prince of Wales pier.

If you do not wish to be part of this epic record-breaking moment, or can not get away from work or home, then watch LIVE by clicking on this link to the official Underdogs- Team Toobs Facebook page:-

{Team toobs LIVE Broadcast

Money Raised

The total sponsored so far by wonderful people is:-


Well Done,


But, toobs has nearly swum 20 miles in cold seas to raise £1,000,

so please tell your friends about this amazing challenge and lets give those poor dogs who are less fortunate than toobs a really nice Christmas!

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