Underdogs - Team toobs

Underdogs - Team toobs


Our Day-to-Day Chronicles

23 Nov 2020
Supertanker Vs toobs
Supertanker Vs toobs

Day 14 - Supertanker!

Woohoo! It is busy out here!

A huge supertanker pootled on by, as we expected, and we have this picture to show you how it looked! You should just be able to make out the black support dinghy and a little dog just to the left of it.

This tanker is the Delvar and is 1/3km long and toobs is 1/3 of her way across The Channel!

  • It's gross weight is 160,000 tonnes,
  • If it changed its load and carried lots of toobs instead of oil, it would be able to carry 4,918,400 toobs.¬†
  • You could fit 3 football pitches on top of it,
  • The engine is 36,207 Horse Power or 241 family car engines,
  • The total of the 7 cylinders is over 12 million cc,
  • The propeller is bigger than a house,
  • It uses 97 tonnes of fuel a day (when it is calm!) - That is 2309 car fuel tanks every single day.

toobs managed a great two legs today, taking us beyond 1/3 of the way there and 6 miles from England!

22 Nov 2020
toobs passes the Varne Light Vessel in misty conditions
22 Nov 2020
Day 13
Day 13

Day 13 - Light Vessels and Mist!

The sea state was lovely and flat today, but the visibility was very poor at times. Fog horns could be heard tooting about us, but we could still see the Varne Light Ship!

toobs got in two big swims, today!

A big tanker is due on the morrow, so should see her sploogle-on by!

21 Nov 2020
Day 12
Day 12

Day 12 - 1/4 The Way There!

We have entered the most dangerous part of the crossing, but we have reached 1/4 of the way there!

With big supertankers steaming on by, we have to keep a good lookout well in advance, because toobs does not move out of the way all that fast and the tankers can not turn or brake very fast!

Fingers crossed, everyone!

Hopefully, we should be able to bring you pictures of toobs swimming past the Varne Lightship tomorrow!

20 Nov 2020
Day 11
Day 11

Day 11 - Traffic Separation Scheme

toobs completed another good leg today and is now on the edge of the TSS - Traffic Separation Scheme in the English Channel. This is like a dual carriageway of the seas, with vessels passing us from left to right on this side. We have to cross at 90 degrees to cause as little obstruction as possible.

Tomorrow we enter the busiest part of the busiest stretch of water in the WHOLE WORLD.

19 Nov 2020
Day 10
Day 10

Day 10 - Faster than the Channel Tunnel?

Despite a severe cross-wind, toobs swam like a dolphin, yesterday, then on reaching our support boat, insisted on another swim!

We managed to get some underwater footage of her, and hope to get more tomorrow to make a new video. 

The Grey Line, that you see passing our path on the chart above, is the route of the Channel Tunnel. As quick as toobs is, she can not quite compete with a high speed train, although records show that she is actually more streamlined.

18 Nov 2020
Day 9 Distance
Day 9 Distance

Day 9 - Over 20% there!

Woohoo! We have passed the 20% distance marker and 23% of the target sponsorship. toobs is still going strong!

We may extend our swim legs on the morrow as toobs is just so keen to swim more. She is being carefully monitored for her health and for any signs of stiffness. But, as she swims this distance every day, it is unlikely that she will begin to suffer at all!

toobs' current resting heartrate is 60bpm. This is at the fittest end of the spectrum for a Border Collie.

No worries there then!

17 Nov 2020

Day 8 - What a Busy Day!

Not only have we completed 3 interviews, 3 photo shoots, one film session and a live appearance on the news at 6, but toobs managed to squeeze in TWO great swims today covering over 0.7 of a nautical mile.

PLUS she had to swim against a huge tidal stream, as well!

What a day!

Also check out our Friends of toobs Club Page for pictures of the latest friends we have met today!

(See Chart above for swim statistics)

16 Nov 2020
Day 7
Day 7

Day 7 - A Gentler Ride

toobs manages a good 0.318nm today with much more pleasant weather.

When she had completed her leg, she just wanted to jump back in and go again!


Wind: Near Gale F7

Sea State: Moderate

Total for Day 7 = 0.318nm (0.37mi) 

Distance From Dover = 2.45nm (2.82mi)

Distance Left to Swim = 14.91nm (17.16mi)

Challenge Complete = 14%

15 Nov 2020
toobs surfs the swell as she swims in Force 10
15 Nov 2020
The distance across so far...
The distance across so far...

Day 6 - Storm Force 10!!!!

Despite the Gale Force 8 to Storm Force 10 winds and high seas, toobs STILL went out between squalls to complete today's Leg.

Please click on the new fun video link below to enjoy more of the toobular antics.

{toobs' latest video}


Leg 6.1 = 0.300nm (0.35mi)

Wind: Gale to Storm F8-10

Sea State: Rough to Very Rough

Total for Day 6 = 0.310nm (0.36mi) 

Distance From Dover = 2.13nm (2.45mi)

Distance Left to Swim = 15.23nm (17.52mi)

Challenge Complete = 12%

14 Nov 2020
£100 reached
£100 reached


We are joyous to announce that we have just reached £100 towards our £1,000 goal and have now JUST behind toobs on her goal of reaching France!

Thanks to all those who have so generously donated and to remind folks to pass on our story to dog-lovers everywhere!


14 Nov 2020

Day 5 - Severe Gale Does Not Stop toobs!

Despite the severe gale (F9) blowing, toobs just did not want to be thwarted. So off she went!

Due to the conditions, we were unable to video, but we are uploading a time-lapse of yesterday's easier swim.

We also made a visit ashore and met some new 'Friends of toobs'. Take a look at our 'Friends of toobs Club' tab and see who is proud to be one!


So far we have raised a mightily fine £80 towards our target £1,000. Thank you to all those who have helped so far.

This amount is the same percentage to our target as toobs has swum The Channel! So let's boost the coffers by telling all your friends!

Just Remember - Cold Water; 20 miles; One Month of Swimming; Warty Old Seadog; etc.....


Leg 5.1 = 0.300nm (0.35mi)

Wind: Gale to Severe Gale F8-9

Sea State: Rough to Very Rough

Total for Day 5 = 0.300nm (0.35mi) 

Distance From Dover = 1.822nm (2.1mi)

Distance Left to Swim = 15.538nm (17.9mi)

13 Nov 2020

DAY 4 - Another Calm Day! 

Although today is Friday 13th, Team toobs was blessed with lucky weather and a lovely calm day out there. 

toobs managed a great swim and did not want to stop! 


Leg 4.1 = 0.396nm (0.46mi)

Wind: Light Breeze

Sea State: Slight

Total for Day 4 = 0.396nm (0.46mi)

Distance From Dover = 1.522nm (1.75mi)

Distance Left to Swim = 15. 838nm (18.25mi)

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